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Humlab Share: Ethical issues and Indigenous Research in a Digital Age

Time Thursday 19 November, 2020 at 14:30 - 15:45
Place ZOOM

Sign up is required (information further down).

In this seminar, we will discuss ethics with principles from Indigenous methodologies as a point of departure, and in relation to digital research in general and digital humanities in particular.

First, we will introduce core principles in Indigenous methodologies and illustrate how these can be applied, and what ethical considerations they imply. Second, we will discuss the implications of this approach to digital research, with focus on participatory research processes, confidentiality, ownership of data and dissemination of research results.

Further, we will also reflect upon our research practices: can digital media support Indigenous methodologies? How do global research ethics respond to Indigenous ethics?
Our hope and ambition are that the discussion will be of interest and relevance for colleagues interested in digital media ethics and research in minority and/or (de)colonial contexts.

Suggested readings

- Cocq, Coppélie Reading small data in indigenous contexts: ethical perspectives. I: Research Methods for Reading Digital Data in the Digital Humanities, Eds. Gabriele Griffin and Matt Hayler. Edinburgh University Press. 2016.
- SSR Research policy

The seminar will be lead by:

Coppélie Cocq, professor in Ethnology at Helsinki University, Associate Professor in Sámi studies and digital humanities at Humlab, Umeå University

Moa Sandström, Phd in Sámi Dutkan/Sámi Studies, Project assistant at Várdduo-Centre, Sámi Research

ZOOM-link & registration

To sign up: Registration is open until November 16. Note that there are a limited number of seats. 

A Zoom-link will be sent out to registered participants before the event.


Organizer: Humlab
Event type: Seminar
Evelina Liliequist
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