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Six researchers are seated and looking forward towards a speaker who is not pictured. There are different items in the photo, like an open laptop, and lunch items.

IceLab Lunch Pitch with Sandra Jämtgård, Andreas Kohler and Magali Frauendorf

Time Wednesday 24 April, 2024 at 12:00 - 13:00
Place Glasburen, KBC

The Integrated Science Lab invites you to join the conversation, centered around boreal forests, mitochondrial protein quality control, and deep learning for camera traps.

Who is pitching about what?

Pitch 1: Sandra Jämtgård, Associate Professor, Department of Forest Ecology and Management, UPSC, SLU
Do proteins hold the key to nitrogen limitation in boreal forests?

Interested in: finding collaborators with experience in protein analysis to reach the aim to identify proteins and their interactions with metal ions in boreal forest soils.

Pitch 2: Andreas Kohler, Assistant Professor, Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics
Deciphering the mystery of the quality control of mitochondrially-encoded proteins
Interested in: We would like to extend our work with structural analyses of identified protein quality control systems, which often are large transmembrane complexes. In addition, our data collections from genome-wide screens would benefit from advanced bioinformatic analysis and the possibility to predict functions and interactions by the usage of machine learning approaches.

Pitch 3: Magali FrauendorfPostdoctoral researcher, Department of Wildlife, Fish and Environmental Studies, SLU

Using computer vision for quick estimation of ungulate reproduction from camera trap images

Interested in: finding collaborators with expertise in computer vision and an interest in citizen science and wildlife to develop well performing deep learning models to extract various kind of information (e.g. body size, distance) from camera trap images to improve wildlife monitoring and management.

Join the conversation - ideas welcome from anyone!

Register to come to the pitch and reserve your lunch by Monday, 22 April at 10am:  



Event type: Seminar

Speaker: Sandra Jämtgård, sandra.jamtgard@slu.se


Speaker: Magali Frauendorf, magali.frauendorf@slu.se

Andreas Kohler
Assistant professor
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Gabrielle Beans Picón
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