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Mitochondrial DNA – Our overlooked genome

Time Saturday 20 October, 2018 at 09:00 - 09:20
Place Social Science Building, lecture Hall A

In every cell, there is a small component – the mitochondrion – that supplies the majority of the energy used by the cell. If the mitochondrial DNA is damaged or disappears, this disturbs the cellular energy production, which can cause unusual mitochondrial diseases and has also been linked to cancer and normal ageing. Through her research, Paulina Wanrooij wants to identify factors that will affect the stability and understanding of which molecular mechanisms in the cells that can protect genes. This knowledge can contribute to our understanding of genetic mitochondrial diseases or specific forms of cancer, and can in the long run support the development of new medical products to treat these diseases.

Paulina Wanrooij is receiving the Royal Skyttean Society Prize in Medicine at the Annual Celebration Ceremony on 20 October at 17:00 in Aula Nordica.

Organizer: Umeå University
Event type: Lecture
Staff photo Paulina Wanrooij
Paulina Wanrooij
Research fellow
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