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Nature on campus: A thousand-year history of landscape development

Time Wednesday 20 September, 2023 at 12:00 - 13:00
Place KBC Building, outside main entrance

Come along on an excursion to explore a thousand-year history of landscape development around Umeå University from a paleoecological perspective. You need no prior knowledge within natural sciences to take part in this ”journey in time” with focus on the natural history of the area. During the excursion, we will use paleoecology as a tool to explore the landscape development on campus. Paleoecology can be described as the study of earlier ecological and environmental changes, usually based on analyses of fossils, sedimentary depositions, and other physical remnants. The main factors that have shaped the landscape are glacial processes and land upheaval, which is reflected in today’s natural environment and our use of the landscape. The excursion will hopefully contribute to a deeper understanding of the relationships between geological, ecological, and human factors that have shaped the landscape around Umeå University. Wear durable shoes that can withstand a walk through the terrain around campus!

Event type: Other
Staff photo Tom Korsman
Tom Korsman
Associate professor
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Tom Korsman
Read about Tom Korsman