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Department of Ecology and Environmental Science (EMG)

We gather researchers, teachers and students in the area of environment and nature. We have a wide breadth of both research and education. Program studies at EMG are conducted in the areas of biology, geoscience and environmental and health protection, from basic to master's level. Research groups conduct research with ecological, palaeolimnological or biogeochemical focus. We offer postgraduate studies in ecology, environmental science or natural geography.


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Insects in focus for French students during internship in Umeå
Published: 09 Aug, 2021

Honeybees and wood-living insects has been in focus during Erasmus practice.

Umeå University participates in the Gothenburg Science Festival
Published: 02 Aug, 2021

In April, Gothenburg bursts with popular science activities. Natuschka Lee will give a lecture on pollinators

Prohibition of zero tapping in hydropower plants has benefits
Published: 29 Jun, 2021

More environmentally friendly flows in regulated rivers only lead to small losses in hydropower production.

What's up?

Visiting professor André de Roos shakes up established ideas in theoretical ecology

Mathematicians call him ecologist, ecologists call him mathematician. André is comfortable interdisciplinair.

International collaboration within EcoChange

International collaboration leads to strong research of high quality within the research programme EcoChange.

Sustainability and transformation require an interdisciplinary approach

Jon Moen is professor at EMG and steering group member in Umeå Transformation Research Initiative.