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Mossor och lavar i fjällmiljö.

Nature on campus: Mosses and lichens

Time Thursday 23 May, 2024 at 12:00 - 13:00
Place KBC Building, main entrance

Mosses and lichens exist almost everywhere, and are part of biodiversity in all environments, but not many people think about their existence, where they live, or how they differ from each other. Join this excursion and learn some of the more common species and where they live. We can promise you that after this you will, anytime during the year, see more than just trees on your forest walks, because in contrast to green plants, mosses and lichens can be studied the year around. We will walk around campus, and although we will not walk far, bring shoes and clothes according to the weather conditions!

Event type: Other
Ulla Carlsson-Graner
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Katarina Stenman
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