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Queering Design Museums - Research Seminar with Anja Neidhardt

Time Tuesday 24 November, 2020 at 13:10 - 15:00
Place Zoom

The seminars, which are currently on Zoom, are open to everyone.

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The design discipline is interwoven with structures that either privilege or oppress people on basis of their gender, sexual orientation, skin color and origin, financial circumstances, belief, dis/abilities and other aspects (Canli & Prado, 2016). By collecting and exhibiting design results that are involved in discriminative structures, design archives/museums legitimise these practices. And not only this, they also exclude certain groups of people and certain design practices and artefacts. Inviting more diversity into established design museums might be one option. However, if we apply a different scale, a range of further options unfolds. In my research seminar I will present 5 approaches that become visible through applying an alternative scale, and then elaborate on one of them. My presentation will be followed by an open discussion about the topic and my approach. This work-in-progress is linked to a contribution that I want to make to the design conference Nordes with its theme "Matters of Scale".

Event type: Seminar
Staff photo Anja Neidhardt
Anja Neidhardt
Doctoral student
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