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Reactive Planning - Bio-Inspired AI and action selection

Time Friday 7 May, 2021 at 12:15 - 13:00
Place Online via Zoom

One of the fundamental challenges of all embodied and virtual agent based systems is the challenge of action selection: Given a set of desired goals and a set of sensory inputs, how does an agent decide what to do next? In this talk I will describe how we can take inspiration from observations of natural intelligence to develop a structure and methodology for the development of reactive action selection systems that have been shown to produce usefully intelligent virtual agents and robots. This ‘reactive planning’ approach also has the incidental benefit of lending itself strongly to the development of transparent AI systems; an important consideration as we seek to produce ethically aligned autonomous systems.

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Event type: Lecture

Rob Wortham, Lecturer in Robotics & Autonomous Systems, Director of Studies, MSc Robotics & Autonomous Systems, Dept of Electronic & Electrical Engineering, University of Bath, UK.