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Rum med valv, stegar och träbroar

Revolutionary Love: The Power of Gentleness in Architecture

Time Thursday 21 March, 2024 at 17:00 - 19:00
Place Auditorium, Umeå School of Architecture

As part of Umeå School of Architecture's event series UMA Talks we welcome students, staff and the public to a lecture with Roemer van Toorn, Professor of Architecture Theory.

Instead of advancing a worldview of (b)orders between people, nature and other lifeforms; of disconnection, war and fortification in reaction to global cosmopolitisation, Roemer van Toorn, will explore – by welcoming the global other – how architecture through revolutionary love; the power of gentleness, can potentially contribute to a sense of community and situated culture, as border-crosser; at best as a visionary and practitioner capable of transforming a space of restriction into one of radical openness where we can live well with each other in a thick, joyful and complex present of multi-racial, multi-species, and multi-kinded realities.

About Roemer van Toorn:
Roemer van Toorn is Professor of Architecture Theory at Umeå School of Architecture, Umeå University, Sweden. He is an international recognized architecture theorist, educator, writer, editor, and photographer. His work is broadly interdisciplinary, with architecture, urbanism, and landscape architecture, at its core. Trained as architect and expert in architecture theory and history he has a particular interest in architecture’s relation with modernization, ecology, politics, society, technology, aesthetics, philosophy, sociology, visual culture and how architecture, urban design and landscape architecture – both for individual and public life, interrelated with the environment – can contribute to making the world a better place; dares to create lives of sustained optimal well-being and joy.

The event, held in English will begin with a welcoming introduction by Cornelia Redeker, Head of Department and Professor at Umeå School of Architecture (UMA). Thereafter Roemer van Toorn, Professor Architecture Theory at UMA will lecture about Revolutionary Love: The Power of Gentleness in Architecture. After the lecture Luis Berríos-Negrón, Associate professor at UMA will initiate and moderate the roundtable conversation with Roemer van Toorn and the audience.

About UMA Talks
The UMA Talks are a free and accessible series of events. The series is devoted to advancing architectural discourse from both an international perspective and local perspective, and strives to enable the public, students, teachers, and researchers both within architecture and from other fields to get insight to and participate in the educational activities and academic research taking place at Umeå School of Architecture. Theorist, practitioners, artists, and other relevant guests are invited to speak or to participate in roundtable conversations or similar formats. Read more here

Event type: Lecture
Roemer van Toorn
Read about Roemer van Toorn
Roemer van Toorn
Read about Roemer van Toorn