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Sustainability and future people

Time Thursday 13 February until Friday 14 February, 2020 at 09:45 - 18:00
Place Samverkanshuset, Triple Helix

Welcome to a workshop in philosophy dealing with issues of sustainability and future people. 

Selected speakers

Larry Temkin 
Rutgers University - New Brunswick

Marion Hourdequin
Colorado College

Erik Carlson
Uppsala Universitet

Eric Brandstedt
Lund University

Lars Samuelsson
Umeå University

Melinda A. Roberts
The College of New Jersey

Allen Thompson
Oregon State University

Krister Bykvist
Stockholm University

Molly Gardner
Bowling Green State University

Kalle Grill
Umeå University


Kalle Grill, Umeå University
Lars Samuelsson, Umeå University

The workshop is part of the research project: “Future People and the Concept of Sustainability”, financed by FORMAS.

Participation and registration

The workshop is open to all interested free of charge, but you need to register if you want to attend. You do so by sending an e-mail to: no later than 31 January.

All participants are offered free lunch and coffee. Please report when registering if you want lunch and/or coffee (one or both days) (and if you have any dietary restrictions).

Preliminary program


09.45 Coffee available

10.15 Welcome

10.25-11.35 Larry Temkin: Neutrality, Sustainability, and the Relations between Different Possible Locations of the Good

11.40-12.50 Marion Hourdequin: Sustainability and Intergenerational Ethics from a Relational Point of View


14.00-15.10 Erik Carlson: Population Axiology and the Structure of Well-being


15.35-16.45 Eric Brandstedt: The Assurance Problem for Transfers Between Generations in Ageing Societies

16.50-18.00 Lars Samuelsson: On Our Duties regarding Future People – Two Kinds of Welfare Consideration and the Goal of Sustainability


09.15 Coffee available

9.45-10.55 Melinda Roberts: Does Climate Change Put Ethics on a Collision Course with Itself?

11.00-12.10 Allen Thompson: Deep Adaptation and the Unimaginable Future


13.20-14.30 Krister Bykvist: The Value of Sustainability and the Value of Existence – Conflict or Harmony?

14.35-15.45 Molly Gardner: Can We Compensate for Environmental Degradation?


16.15-17.25 Kalle Grill: The Average View and the Value of Sustainability

17.30-18.00 Room for general discussion

Lars Samuelsson
Read about Lars Samuelsson
Kalle Grill
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