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Tech Breakfast: Computer-aided speech analysis

Time Thursday 16 September, 2021 at 08:00 - 10:00
Place ZOOM - sign up required

Computer-aided speech analysis, cognition and perception

The actual sound of performed, literary texts has long been a neglected field, and computer-aided, empirical investigations are few. Voxit, developed by Marit J. MacArthur and her team, is a tool for analysis of speech (mainly poetry), producing measures conering speaking rate, various aspects of pitch, complexity (predictability) of pauses, phrases and syllables. Compared to a program like PRAAT, Voxit can be used by someone without linguistic expertise, and is more adapted to quantitative, comparative research. Voxit and the research behind its measures is, however, still at an experimental stage. Given the highly psychological character of perception, one issue is to what extent and how what is measurable is relevant to human ears (or not).

This breakfast we will discuss various aspects of computer-aided speech analysis. A reading list will be distributed a couple of days before the seminar. You are not required to have read the texts to participate in the discussions.


Registration and Participation 

This session is held in ZOOM and to participate you will need to register. Sign up using the form below to recieve a link to the meeting.

Organizer: Humlab
Event type: Group meeting
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