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Tenores from Neoneli meet jojk from Sápmi

Time Friday 8 March, 2019 at 12:10 - 12:50
Place Teacher Education Building

In the highlands of Sardinia, sheep herding is still of great importance to the economy and the products are produced and sold in, for example, cheeses, such as pecorini. Among these shepherds, a typical song style was developed, where usually four men take part.
Now the group Tenores di Neoneli comes to Umeå and Kultur på campus. Their song style is today protected by UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage. In the same way as Sardinian shepherds have their songs, the reindeer herders in Sápmi have their shepherd songs, that is, the jojk, which has a strong connection to the reindeer.
We will hear two different variants of shepherd songs, tenors from Neoneli and Krister Stoor from Laeva's Sami village.

In collaboration with Ubmejen biejvieh, "samiska veckan".

Tenorerna från Neoneli

Organizer: Culture on Campus
Event type: Other
Jonas Ericson
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Martin Gustafson Olausson
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