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The density Turan problem for hypergraphs

Time Thursday 28 April, 2022 at 14:15 - 15:15
Place Zoom

Abstract: Bondy et al. showed that any tripartite graph in which the density of edges between each pair of vertex classes is at least 0.618.. (the golden ratio) must contain a triangle, moreover this is sharp. The density Turán problem for a graph or hypergraph H asks for the corresponding quantity guaranteeing a copy of H in a subgraph of a  blow-up of H. Previous results due to Csikvári and Nagy gave bounds for graphs related to the largest root of the matching polynomial; while the only exact result for hypergraphs is for the complete r-graph of order r+1, due to Markström and Thomassen.

In joint work with Adam Sanitt we use an entropy compression argument to provide upper bounds for any hypergraph.

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Event type: Seminar

Speaker: John Talbot, University College London

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