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Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics

Welcome to the Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics! We teach mathematics and mathematical statistics to a wide range of students and are dedicated to providing high-quality education and research opportunities for our students. We conduct research and research training in computational sciences, mathematics, and mathematical statistics in an attractive and highly dynamic research environment.


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Josephine stands next to a whilte board with post-its and topics displayed in boxes.
IceLab kickoff conference propels stress response research

Kickoffen för Stress Response Modeling vid IceLab den 10-11 juni innebar en lovande start för det nya centret.

Eric Libby and Laura Carroll sit in IceLab against a background wallpaper of birds
Model how a microbe can tell a friend from a foe

'Can microbes distinguish friend from foe?' only DDLS funded PhD project at UMU in recent call.

Foto genom mikroskop på celler.
Life’s insiders: Decoding endosymbiosis with mathematics

Mathematical modelling advances research in endosymbiosis, according to a research group in Umeå.

Profiles and Features

IT manager returns to his roots in the Industrial Doctoral School

Region Västerbotten is investing in AI research in close collaboration with the University.

Visiting professor André de Roos shakes up established ideas in theoretical ecology

Mathematicians call him ecologist, ecologists a mathematician. André is a comfortable interdisciplinaire.

The electoral system decides the winner

Klas Markström studies how election system setups affect the results.