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The Environmental Intolerance Symposium 2024

Time Thursday 23 May, 2024 at 13:00 - 17:00
Place HUM.F.200

The environmental intolerance research group and Umeå Transformation Research Initiative (UTRI) at Umeå university warmly welcomes you to a symposium on symptom reactions to environmental exposures such as the indoor air, odors, and sounds. The symposium can be attended either on site or through zoom, and is free of charge. 

In connection with the symposium the conferance OLFACTUS 2024 takes place the following day on the 24 May Registration is separate. Read more and register for OLFACTUS 2024.  

Program The Environmental Intolerance Symposium (Preliminary)

13:00 Welcome address

13:15 Talks from invited national and international speakers on topics including chemical intolerance (multiple chemical sensitivity), non-specific building-related illness, and sound intolerance (hyperacusis)

15:00 Fika

15:30 Workshops on network construction and research collaborations / grant applications.

18:00 Dinner (at own cost)

Register for the symposium

Attend on Zoom - no registration needed: Zoom link 

Event type: Symposium
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