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Umeå Transformation Research Initiative (UTRI)

Umeå Transformation Research Initiative (UTRI) is available to everyone at Umeå University.

UTRI, Umeå Transformation Research Initiative, is the result of a grass-root initiative from a large number of teachers and researchers to support interdisciplinary research collaboration in the transition to sustainable development.

You can apply for support to develop ideas or to organise events focusing on sustainability. This could involve UTRI organising a workshop for you, aid a pilot study, set up a conference, or offer writing workshops in whatever form you please.

Everyone who is active at Umeå University can apply to develop collaborations regarding sustainable transformation.


UTRI Young Researcher Network

The UTRI Young Researcher Network aim to promote dialogue and discussions on transformative research towards sustainable development among young researches at Umeå University.

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Would you like to join UTRI?

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  • would like to join the Young Researcher Network, or
  • have questions regarding an upcoming event or would like to tip us about an event that could be interesting for our network. 

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News, Profiles and Features

Here you find news and features from concerning the areas of climate, sustainable change and the global goals included in Agenda 2030.
Umeå University in key role in Lancet Countdown Europe

Professor Maria Nilsson has a leading role as chair.

New evaluation model for more sustainable cities

Includes two life cycle tools and takes into account the effect of the city's services in water-waste-energy.

Highly fluorinated chemicals can enter the environment via our household waste

The leaking substances that Sofie Björklund studied, PFAS, are very stable and do not break down in nature.

Sustainable for Arctic forest owners

Biodiversity has become more important for forest owners in the north, but the reason is still unknown.

COVID-19 symposium highlights the complexity of the pandemic and the importance of collaboration

Highlighting the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to pandemics.

Finding sustainable solutions takes a whole team of people

Johan Jansson studies the norms and attitudes that drive more environmentally sustainable consumption.

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