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UAS Nov 2020: How ice and ice break-up shape (sub)Arctic streams

Time Friday 20 November, 2020 at 12:30 - 13:30
Place Online: ZOOM (Time zone CET)

Lina Polvi Sjöberg is an associate professor in physical geography with focus on rivers and streams at the Department of Ecology and Environmental Science. She examines which processes steer how Swedish streams look— past glaciation, current floods or winter ice? Her research also examines which physical factors, including local geomorphology, geomorphic complexity, and larger landscape-scale factors, affect how the ecology of streams recover after restoration. Arcum will hold an online seminar in November where she will talk about the importance of ice and ice break-up in Arctic streams.

Many streams in northern Sweden have been affected by timber floating and many have been restored in recent decades. Since very little is known about what the rapids in the tributaries to the large rivers should look like, Lina addresses questions in her research about how these rapids form and develop.

Sediment transported in rivers affect the habitats of the organisms that live there and the entire biogeochemical cycle. Until now, measuring sediment transport in ice-covered rivers has been almost impossible to do with ordinary techniques because you cannot see under the ice. To meet the challenges of being able to measure water levels and sediment transport on ice-covered streams, Lina and her colleagues use a method that is usually used to study earthquakes, namely seismic signals.

What do we know about the importance of how ice form and reshape (sub) Arctic streams? On Friday 20 November between 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm (CET), you have the opportunity to listen to her talk about her research from an Arctic perspective. Register your interest at the link below. You will receive more information about the seminar and a link to it by e-mail.

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Event type: Seminar
Lina Polvi Sjöberg
Associate professor
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Anngelica Kristoferqvist
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