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FairTax is contesting for the Horizon Impact Award

The application is supported by 15 letters from various stakeholders.

The award is the European Commission's initiative to recognise and celebrate outstanding projects that have used their results to provide value for society. There are numerous examples of how FairTax has reached an impact on the tax policy debate and decision making in Europe:

- In its final report, the High Level Group on Own Resources (HLGOR) explicitly adopted the FairTax concept of sustainability-oriented tax-based own resources

- The European Parliament resolution on gender equality in taxation from January 2019 cites FairTax Research and FairTax researchers have prepared that through their input to an expert workshop organized by MEPs.

- CCCTB research was presented on a conference of an EP group and various other stakeholder events.

- The cooperative compliance research has reached out to tax administrations, corporations, tax advisors, tax researchers across disciplines and interest organisations through comprehensive interaction throughout the project lifetime. Its results have been used by TADAT – The tax administration Diagnostic Assessment Tool (IMF), and The World Bank - Governance Global Practice group.

- The academic impact is already at this stage visible from numerous publications in peer-reviewed journals or book chapters. One FairTax researcher co-authored a chapter on taxation based on FairTax results in the policy report “Rewriting the Rules of the European Economy” by Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz, March 2019.

Support letters

The application is supported by 15 letters from various stakeholders, including:

- The HLGOR – High Level Group on Own Resources, signed by Mr. Mario Monti, former Italian Prime Minister and EU Commissioner

- The European Parliament, signed by Mr. Ernest URTASUN, Member of the European Parliament

- The Czech Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, signed by Mrs. Jana MALÁČOVÁ, Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Czech Republic

- The Parliament Ireland, signed by Mrs. Hildegarde Naughton, TD (Teachta Dála – Member of Parliament)

- The Swedish Tax Agency, signed by Mrs. Anette LANDÉN, Swedish Tax Agency