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Published: 2023-03-08

"My time at Umeå University helped me achieve my career goals"

PROFILE Asim Mehmood is a 2014 graduate of the Master's Programme in Business Development and Internationalisation. Today, he is an entrepreneur, consultant, and lecturer in his native Pakistan. He hopes to make a long-lasting impact in his community and beyond.

Text: David Meyers

What have you been doing since you graduated?

After earning my MS in Business Development and Internationalisation from Umeå University I continued with a job in cleaning services at Rimab to support myself financially, since I didn't want to take on any loans. In addition, I've also started investing in different business ideas as an entrepreneur. I've failed multiple times. Eventually, I came up with a business idea and started collaborating with the chocolate manufacturers in Sweden to sell vegan chocolates to coffee houses in Umeå. Café Lindell on campus and Tonka in the city centre were few of my customers.

After some time I had to come back to Pakistan and implement the same business idea. Due to high import duties, intense summer (heat deshaped the chocolate & effects the quality), limited budgets/resources, pricing, and tough competition, I was only able to continue the business for one year, at a loss. In 2019, I invested again together with my brother-in-law and started working hard on the idea of water filtration and bottling it with minerals that are essential for the human body. Today, we sell our bottled water to different governmental departments in Pakistan, private organizations, and direct to consumers.

What are you doing right now in your career? 

Currently, I am also offering my services as a Lecturer, Advisor Executive Society, Head Placement Cell at Lahore Business School (University of Lahore) in Pakistan. I am also the General Manager at "LaPure", a startup drinking water company in Lahore, and the General Manager and Business Consultant at "Longitude 20", a startup consultancy firm that offers services to government agencies and private institutions. Furhtermore, I am working on project with Punjab Resource Management & Policy Unit (Department of Punjab Government, Pakistan).

What are your career goals for the next 5 years?

  • To gain more knowledge and expertise in the field of entrepreneurship while coming up with more ideas/startups that can help any society and economy.
  • To work on water sustainability/filtration since drinkable water is getting scarce day by day.
  • To specifically (but not limited to) collaborate between Pakistan and Sweden in terms of academics/consultancy/various projects/startups.
  • To motivate people in their career path that can help them to have a happy and healthy life.

My time as student taught me to try again and again with positivity until you achieve your goal.

How did studying at Umeå University help you achieve your career goals?

As a student, I explored different cultures, different approaches to spending life, new knowledge, team work, how to accept the differences, communication skills, patience, time management, etc. It taught me to try again and again with positivity until you achieve your goal. I believe all these things helped a lot in achieving my career goals.

What are your fondest memories from your time as a student at Umeå University?

My whole life in Sweden is a part of my fondest memories but here a few of them:

  • When we won Brännboll Cup matches and qualified for the semifinals.
  • When as a team we won a business plan competition and 5000 kronor in Gävle.
  • When I bought my first watch (Axcent of Scandinavia) from a part-time job salary, as a student.
  • When I passed my master's thesis at Umeå University.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering studying at Umeå University?

  • Stay positive, be motivated, and be respectful to others.
  • Try to learn new cultures because it will bring knowledge to you.
  • Read books especially on self development, and stay up-to-date with current business world trends.
  • Learn from your teachers and fellow students as much as you can.
  • Work at the time of work and then enjoy life to your fullest.
  • Do something to help humanity, every little thing can make a diffference.
  • Never forget your family, especially your parents.
  • Have a side hustle in shape of working on new ideas.

Alumni Profile

Name: Asim Mehmood
Graduation year and degree programme: 2014, Master's Programme in Business Development and Internationalisation
Current place of residence: Lahore, Pakistan
Job title: Entrepreneur/Consultant/Lecturer/Head Placement Cell
Favourite travel destination: Umeå, Stockholm, Lahore, Istanbul, Bangkok
Favourite food: Biryani (Spicy Rice with Chicken), Blueberry Pie, Carrot Cake, any food that contains lots of cheese or milk
Hobbies and interests: Nature Photography, Cooking
Inspirational person or role model: My mother
Describe your time at Umeå University in three words: Wonderful, Thrilling, Knowledgeable