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Alumni portraits

Wondering what the alumni from Umeå University are doing? Here are som interviews with alumni.

"Sustainability requires systems thinking"

For many years, H&M's new CEO Helena Helmersson has been on a mission to turn them into a sustainable company.

The Industrial Doctoral School gave new perspectives

What happened to physician Steven Shen after graduating from the Industrial Doctoral School?

Ready to take on environmental and globalisation issues

Dohee Kim left Sweden as an independent entrepreneur.

Alumnus Moyukh Chowdhury – One of the new voices of Global Health

After a Master’s degree in Public Health Moyukh Chowdhury from Bangladesh decided to stay in Sweden.

Javier Jo is Global Swede of 2020

Born and raised in Guatemala. After studies and work in China, USA, Switzerland and Dubai, he then chose Umeå.

Communications Officer