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Published: 2019-05-16

Successful start for Arcum supported science tour

PROFILE On the ninth of May 2019 the first out of five planned events on the Arctic Five science tour took place in Luleå at Kunskapens Hus. The event was a success with many participants with a variety of different backgrounds. We interviewed Jonas Ericson, communications officer for the project, after the event.

Image: Jonas Ericson

How did you arrive at the idea of doing a science tour?

We want to spread the knowledge about the Arctic region that is being gathered at these five universities. Not only between us, but to the general public, student and employees at these places which we are visiting. This type of Arctic research is so much more than just icebergs and polar bears – it is about we who live our lives here in the Arctic region.

What was the thought behind making it popular science?

We try to reach outside the traditional boundaries of this research – to science communities around here, the interested public, so that they get the opportunity to listen to the latest research in their region. We also want to strengthen the bonds between the participating researchers, and these universities, both professionally and collegially. The concept is to travel with three researchers and meet up with three other researcher so that they can meet and get to know each other. This can in turn lead to practically anything, and good cooperation. Through this project we want to contribute with a meeting spot, basically.

What can other universities, projects and researchers learn from this way of working?

I think that it is all about contributing to society, by showing research in an approachable manner; to make research available to everyone. That is why I think this sort of project is so good.

Do you have any personal reflections from the event in Luleå? How did it go?

If was mostly worried about whether or not anyone would actually come to the event. Marketing is key, and we got started very late with that. But there were loads of participants! And what was even better was that there was a great variety; the general public, student and even business representatives. We had participants from the building sector, regional organizations etc. and I think that that is proof of how engaging this concept really is. I mean, here is a university spreading knowledge of the latest research findings in the own region – and the interest is through the roof. And I think that is just great!

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Jonas Ericson
Communications officer

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