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Why participate in collaborative projects?

There are significant advantages to participating in collaborative projects.

Benefits for small and medium-sized enterprises

  • Help from other actors 
  • Help with product development 
  • Market testing of products or services 
  • Networking and client contacts 
  • Insights and perspectives from others 
  • External feedback from new groups 
  • Help with environmental monitoring 
  • Opportunities to connect with people at levels in organisations that you don't normally reach 
  • Risk reduction through co-financing of planned activities  

Advantages for research fellows and clinicians 

  • Resources in the form of funding or equipment of various kinds
  • Experience and networking are some common advantages of collaboration with commerce and industry
  • Collaboration can provide insights into the needs and problems of external actors, which can be a way to improve the quality of your research 
  • As an experimental environment, businesses can provide opportunities that are otherwise often difficult to find or create. Research fellows working in environments outside the University can discover new types of researchable problems and needs, and can test ideas and research results in realistic experiments. They also have access to both historical and current data from the company's operations 

Partners and co-financiers

Latest update: 2023-02-15