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Shut up and write!

Shut up and write! (SUAW) is a writing group for doctoral students. We focus on getting the writing done by creating routines and space for academic writing and minimising the feeling of isolation that can occur during the writing process.

Shut up and write! (SUAW) is an effective method for creating continuity and space for academic writing.

Participants experience

  • an increased focus
  • a sense of being more productive
  • that they can maintain a routine for scheduled writing outside of the group
  • a reduced sense of isolation during the writing process
  • that the recurring routine of meeting each week helped them feel part of a larger writing community.

How does SUAW work?

We meet once a week in a distraction-free environment. You work on your own writing for a total of 90 minutes. As a participant, you can choose each week whether you want to participate in person or via Zoom.

Each session is organised as follows:

  • all participants state their goal for the day
  • a short introductory free writing exercise
  • three writing sessions with a five-minute break between each session
  • final round where everyone says how the writing went and what to work on next.

The writing group is facilitated by a writing teacher or librarian from the library. The facilitator’s task is to create a clear recurring structure for the joint meetings and thus make it easier for the group members to work on their own individual writing.

When do the groups meet?

Each group meets on a specific day every week. When you register your interest, please indicate which day is most suitable for you. As a participant, you are expected to attend each week to focus on your writing.

Right now, you can sign up for the following writing groups:

  • Mondays 13-15
  • Tuesdays 13-15
  • Wednesdays 13-15
  • Thursdays 9:30-11:30

Each group has a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 15 participants.

Who can participate in SUAW?

You must be a doctoral student at Umeå University. The central focus of SUAW is writing. It doesn't matter what you are writing, whether it be, for example, an article, your comprehensive summary, or a presentation; this is where you prioritize writing over everything else. Postdocs are welcome to register their interest as well and may be able to join if space is available.

Registration of interest

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Latest update: 2024-05-22