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Other special collections

The library has offprint collections from Gerd Enequist and Gustaf Hallström. The special collections also contain proceedings of the county councils from the years 1863 to 1990.

Gerd Enequist’s Offprint Collection

Gerd Enequist (1903-1989) was a professor of human geography at Uppsala University in 1949-1968. The library received the collection from the Department of Geography and Economic History at Umeå University, through the agency of professor Erik Bylund. It contains offprints in human geography as well as physical geography, written by both Swedish and foreign authors. The collection is organized in alphabetical order by the authors' surnames, arranged in 70 capsules.

Gustaf Hallström's Offprint Collection

Gustaf Hallström (1880-1962) was an archaeologist and also curator at the Swedish National Heritage Board in 1925-1945. The offprint collection was a part of his archive, acquired in 1964 by the Scientific Library in Umeå and incorporated into the University Library of Umeå in 1969. The offprints, dealing with archaeology as well as ethnology, were written by both Swedish and foreign authors. They are arranged in three different series: an alphabetical series sorted by the author's surname, a series sorted by Swedish landscapes, and a series sorted by subjects, e.g. neolithic, folklore research, and classical archaeology.

The Proceedings of the County Councils 1863-1990

The modern county councils of Sweden (landstingen) was formed by a royal regulation issued on 21 March 1862. The councils in general correspond to the counties (län) of Sweden. The highest decision-making body, the county council, is appointed through the county elections. To spread information about its activities, the county councils of Sweden have since the 1860s published the so-called Proceedings (or annual reports) of the County Councils, containing summaries of the past year's activities. These printed documents are an excellent resource to get an overview of the county council's activities, especially regarding matters of the Swedish public healthcare. Since their establishment, the county council has also managed a large number of other social resources, for example: education, communication, culture, and tourism. The library has the proceedings (though not complete) of several county councils during 1863-1990.They are kept in the closed stacks of the library.

Offprint Collection 1

The collection contains mainly prints in linguistics. There is a concentration on offprints, written in different languages, focusing on Finnish and Finnish-Ugrian linguistics. Originally, the collection comes from the "Penttilä" donation. It is kept in the closed stacks of the library.

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