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Study skills

Learn more about reading strategies, note taking and presenting.

Strategies for reading and note taking

The following web resources for reading and note taking may be useful for you to help you become a more active reader.

Tips for reading a research article

How to read a scientific paper (Purdue University)

How to read an empirical research article (Youtube, morgankenneth12)

How to read academic research (Youtube, Russell James)

Note taking tips

How to take Cornell notes (Youtube, Jennifer DesRochers)

Note making strategies (Charles Darwin University)


The following web resources about presenting can serve as a helpful guide when working on your own presentation.

Structuring your presentation (Australian National University)

Present confidently (Monash University)

Videos on study skills and critical reading

Tips for studying at home
Critical reading

Analysing academic text using critical reading.

Latest update: 2022-07-04