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The library in your teaching

Teachers are welcome to request education from the library for their students. We offer education in information searching, reference management, study skills, academic writing and archive information.

Are your students going to use scholarly publications or do assignments that require information searching, reference management and evaluation of sources? The library offers education at different levels and we design the content in cooperation with you and tailor it for the subject and your students. We also offer education in academic writing, study skills and oral presentations - lectures and example of content is presented below.

We strive to offer education with the right content and at the right level. Therefore, it is important that the library education is well integrated into the course and are planned in close collaboration with the responsible teacher. It promotes student development if there is also a progression in the general competences throughout the education.

Information searching, evaluation of sources and reference management

This education is free of charge.

Introduction to the library

  • Borrow/download textbooks.
  • Request borrowed books.
  • Introduction to the library website.
  • Introduction to the library premises.

Time: 1 hour.

Information searching and reference management - basic course 

  • How to formulate a search query.
  • Basic search techniques and search strategies.
  • Relevant sources for the subject; databases and other sources.
  • Introduction to how to evaluate sources – compare, scrutinize and assess different sources.

Time: 1-2 hours lecture plus 1-2 hours workshop.

Information searching and reference management - thesis and degree projects

  • How to formulate a search query based on subject knowledge.
  • In-depth information searching in databases and other sources.
  • How scholarly sources are published and disseminated.
  • Reference management.

Time: 2-3 hours lecture plus 1-2 hours workshop.

Information searching and reference management - advanced course

  • Advanced and systematic information searching in databases and other sources.
  • Knowledge of the most relevant sources within the subject area.
  • Advanced search technique such as search strings.
  • Critically review search results.
  • Use reference management software.

Time: 3-4 hours lecture.

Archives and special collections - introduction

Target group: Mainly students writing a thesis or degree project

  • How to search archival information (e.g. Nationell arkivdatabas (NAD), Digitala forskarsalen and Svensk mediedatabas).
  • Overview of the library's collection of manuscripts and personal archives.
  • Overview of databases available through the library.

Time: 2 x 45 minutes.

Academic writing, study skills and oral presentations

This education is free of charge.

Academic writing

We help the students develop their skills in academic writing.

Topics like how to avoid plagiarism and comply with copyright law is included.

Study skills

Normally the lecture is based on a current assignment and contain student interactive elements.

Become a student smart(er) and succeed with your studies

  • What's it like to study at a university?
  • Hands-on tools for better study success; preparation, planning, repetition, breaks etc.
  • Reflective discussions.

Reading and note-taking with focus on textbooks and scholarly articles

  • How to read a textbook - tips on how the students can tackle the course literature. How to create understanding, how to combine reading with different note-taking techniques. The lecture is based on the current text book.
  • How to read scholarly articles -how these are generally structured and tips on how to read them effectively.
  • Examples of some note-taking models.

What am I supposed to do? How to understand and approach a task

  • How to tackle a task step by step.
  • Time management.

Group projects - collaboration

  • Advice for better collaboration, how to organize writing in team and giving/receiving feedback.

Oral presentations

Lecture with workshop in connection with that the students have an oral delivery. The lecture offers advice on preparation, structure and presentation techniques.

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