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Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 15 April 2021)


Access to electronic resources

As a student or employee at Umeå University, you have access to the library’s databases, e-books and electronic journals no matter where you are. Log in to the library search tool to get full access to our electronic resources. If you do not have a Umu-id you are welcome to visit the library and access our e-resources via our computers.

Full access via the library search tool

Log in to the library search tool to be able to find and get access to all of our e-resources. Use your Umu-id to log in.

When you are logged in to the library search tool you get

  • access to all of our electronic resources
  • login details to databases that require a special login
  • full search results when using the search tool
  • access to the article service Get it now (only for employees). 

Other ways to get remote access

Use the library proxy

You will not be automatically recognised as a Umeå university user when you access our e-resources via reference lists or external search engines. In order to gain access, use the library proxy.

Add a proxy prefix to the web address

Follow these steps to use the library proxy:

  1. Copy this proxy prefix:
  2. Paste the proxy prefix in front of the web address to the page that you want access to.
  3. Press the enter button to reload the page.

The page will reload via the proxy and you will get access to the electronic resource.

VPN – just like the office but at home

Employees at Umeå university can use VPN (virtual private network) to access university services from home or at a distance. When using VPN you will automatically be able to access most of the library’s e-resources, just like when you are sitting in an office on campus.

Access the university’s systems at a distance via VPN (in Swedish only)

Access to electronic resources at campus

When you are connected to the Internet via the university network, you automatically gain access to most of the library’s e-resources. There are two wifi networks at campus:

  • Eduroam
  • Umu wlan.

Remember to log in to the library search tool to get all benefits, such as full search results. You will not get automatically logged in to the search tool by using the university network or VPN.

The general public gets access via the library’s computers

Using the library’s computers will give you access to almost all of our electronic resources. This is the only way to get access if you

  • have no Umu-id (that is, if you are not a student or an employee at Umeå University)
  • do not have access to the wireless network Eduroam via another institution.