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Good social relations promote active and healthy ageing in Europe

The importance of social ties for the health of ageing people in Europe is in focus in a new doctoral thesis.

New potential target proteins for novel antibiotics discovered

Felipe Cava's group has discovered proteins needed to maintain the bacteria's cell wall structure.

Umeå chemist prolonged as Wallenberg Academy Fellow

Professor Yaowen Wu, director of UCMR, receives funding for another five years for research on autophagy.

Substance in the blood increases before diagnosis of pancreatic cancer

There might in future be better chance to discover pancreatic cancer earlier thanks to substances in blood.

Two Umeå researchers receive ERC Starting Grant

Awarded EU money for innovative research in chemistry and community medicine.

New research reveals invisible meteors

Doctoral thesis paves the way for future space studies.

80 new EU millions for Umeå researchers

18 research projects receive funds from the EU to create new knowledge in everything from health to AI.

Exchange of knowledge and mingling when KBC celebrated 15 years

KBC celebrated its 15th anniversary with a scientific conference with many interactive opportunities

"Antibiotic resistance can affect anyone"

Public health student Erick Venant explains why World Antimicrobial Awareness Week is important to him.

Latest profiles and features

Advanced microscope provides frozen snapshots at atomic level

Umeå's cryo-electron microscope attracts students and researchers from all over the world.

Learning about protein aggregates to solve the riddle of ALS

Peter Andersen has found mechanisms that may make it possible to treat or even prevent it.

Gut bacteria can provide clues to curing diseases

André Mateus researches how drugs and the microbiome in the human gut work together.