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Labour market effects om childbearing and fertility

New thesis explores how the labour market is related to childbearing and fertility in Sweden.

Inactive proteases important for plant development

Laxmi Mishra has used Arabidopsis thaliana to gain new knowledge about proteases in plant chloroplasts.

New findings about ions around comets

Sofia Bergman's thesis gives scientists new possibilities to study low-energy ions in space.

Master’s students suggest actions for a sustainable campus

Social sustainability is in focus when students challenge the university’s sustainability measures.

Discover digital worlds together with Curiosum!

November 20-21, a festive Curiosum is filled with digital creation, robots, gaming and film premiere.

MIMS highlights World Antimicrobial Awareness Week 2021

Today, World Antimicrobial Awareness Week kicks off and MIMS launches a series of articles.

New group of antibacterial molecules identified

The molecule properties can easily be altered chemically, and hope is to develop new, effective antibiotics.

Software Engineering and Security in focus

Meet Alexandre Bartel, new professor in Software Engineering and Security at Umeå University.

Millions to research on the role of forests in climate change

Per Stenberg receives a grant of almost 16 million SEK for research on the role of forests in climate change.

Latest profiles and features

“All life is problem solving”

In his research Frank Figge tackles sustainability issues crucial for the future of mankind.

Is ‘Lagom’ part of degrowth?

Fika Pitch on how the concept of 'lagom' in a Swedish context can be seen from a degrowth perspective.

From subject teacher to professor

Maria Rönnlund, new professor of educational work, has studied pupils’ participation and influence at school.