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Clouds devour electricity

New research collaboration between Umeå University and Ericsson Research Data Center.

MIMS Spotlight Series: Nora meets Björn Schröder

Björn Schröder is group leader at MIMS and researches the interaction between diet and gut microbiota.

Data science can contribute to a more sustainable world

Dong Wang has explored how data science can be used to gain better environmental process control strategies.

Quality of health care requires higher quality in clinical laboratories

Laboratory services are key factors in the delivery of quality care, shows a doctoral thesis.

Rising atmospheric CO2 concentrations globally affect photosynthesis of peat-forming mosses

Mosses ability to absorb carbon from the atmosphere is highly dependent on water conditons, shows a study.

Climate Impacts Research Centre receives donation of SEK 2 million

A private individual has chosen to bequeath two million kronor to climate research at Umeå University.

Continued on-campus education after the holidays

Teaching and examinations will take place on campus. Keep your distance and stay home in case of symptoms.

The vaccination centre stays on Campus Umeå

The vaccination centre against COVID-19 will stay on Campus Umeå until August and is open for everyone.

Curiosum is open during the Christmas break with evening film shows in the dome theatre

Do you feel like leaving the quiet corner of your home during the Christmas break and activate your family?

Latest profiles and features

Laleh and her team

Magnetic camera as a research tool

“All life is problem solving”

In his research Frank Figge tackles sustainability issues crucial for the future of mankind.

Is ‘Lagom’ part of degrowth?

Fika Pitch on how the concept of 'lagom' in a Swedish context can be seen from a degrowth perspective.