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Published: 2023-04-26

Seminar: How Can AI Be Used to Prevent Sexual Abuse on Children?

NEWS Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to play a crucial role in preventing child sexual abuse, especially online. On April 25, the Center for Transdisciplinary AI (TAIGA), in collaboration with the World Childhood Foundation, held a lunchtime seminar to discuss the topic.

Text: Hanna Nordin

Erika Olsson, project coordinator of the World Childhood Foundation's AI initiative Stella Polaris, emphasized the importance of increasing public understanding of AI and conducting further research to effectively exploit its potential to prevent child sexual abuse.

"Today's seminar marks the beginning of a collaboration between Stella Polaris and the research community. We hope to inspire more research on how we can use AI to prevent sexual abuse on children. It is through research that we can push the issue forward and learn more," says Erika Olsson.

The seminar took place at MIT-place and was organized by TAIGA, a center for transdisciplinary AI at Umeå University. One of the goals of TAIGA is to establish more collaborations that cross scientific disciplines and involve partners from industry, society and business to use AI for good and find solutions to complex issues.

The event brought together researchers from different disciplines and representatives from industry to discuss the role of AI in preventing child sexual abuse.

"It has been very interesting to hear about this ongoing research, and I think today's discussions have been engaging because we have different disciplines represented, including psychiatry, behavioral science and computer science," says Oscar Rantatalo, Associate Professor of Education at Umeå University.

John Forsberg, acting head of the National Operations Department at the Swedish Police Authority, emphasizes the need for the police to be an active part of the initiative to further develop this area.

"We are deeply involved in Sweden's preparations for the AI Regulation and we see that it will have a major impact on the Police Authority. From today's seminar, I take with me the desire and initiative to develop this area and the realization that the police authority must be an active participant in this work," says John Forsberg.