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Published: 2023-11-30 Updated: 2023-12-04, 10:05

ALF funding for northern medical research

NEWS 29 projects related to Umeå University will share SEK 38 million SEK over a three-year period in the ALF Committee's allocation of central ALF project funds 2024 – 2026.

Text: Ola Nilsson
  • Richard Palmqvist receives SEK 2.4 million for the project The gut microbiome in colorectal cancer – From mechanistic insights to clinical applications.
  • Maréne Landström SEK 2.4 million for Exploring potential unique drug targets in the aberrant TGFbeta signaling pathway to diagnose, prevent, and treat metastatic cancer in precision medicine.
  • Gauti Jóhannesson SEK 2 million to The Swedish Glaucoma Nicotinamide Trial (SGNT).
  • Peter Sundström SEK 1.8 million to Environment before adulthood in Multiple Sclerosis etiology
  • Thomas Sandström SEK 1.8 million to Effects of exposure to air pollution on the lungs, cardiovascular, brain and nervous system.
  • Jussi Jokinen 1.8 million Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder and Pedophilic Disorder-neurobiological correlates and novel treatments.
  • Martin Rutegård 1.8 million Anastomosis leakage and relieving stomas during surgery for colorectal cancer.
  • Karin Forsberg SEK 1.8 million The role of misfolded proteins in disease development and treatment of ALS - molecular studies and goals for clinical intervention.
    Sebastian Mukka 1,062 million Treatment of femoral neck fractures: National Registry-based Randomized controlled trials.
  • Fatima Pedrosa Domellöf 1,5 million The molecular portfolio of the extraocular muscles: keys to protection in muscle disease.
  • Andreas Josefsson 1.5 million Adaptive personalized treatment of metastatic prostate cancer - based on markers for early acquired resistance mechanisms in clinical samplesPer Lindqvist, SEK 1.2 million to Novel methods improving diagnosis and treatment effect in cardiac transthyretin amyloidosis.
  • Marie-Therese Vinnars, SEK 1.2 million to Extreme nausea and vomiting in pregnancy (Hyperemesis Gravidarum) – a novel treatment and a multidisciplinary approach.
  • Torbjörn Lind, SEK 1.2 million for the Otis follow-up study.
  • Per Dahlqvist, SEK 1,051 million to Voice analysis and facial recognition in acromegaly.
  • Caroline Stridsman, 1.2 million to Uncontrolled asthma and other factors that affect the prognosis in asthma. Register research based on the respiratory register.
  • Linda Halldner-Henriksson. 1.2 million to Identifying factors associated with effect and side effects of adhd medication.
  • Johan Normark, SEK 1.2 million to Understanding post-viral health and quality of life impairment.
  • Estelle Naumburg, SEK 900 thousand to Psychiatric drug treatment and risk of cardiac events in children, adolescents, and young adults – epidemiological, medical, and health-related social inequalities aspects.
  • Anders Garpebring, SEK 900 thousand to Unmasking Precision: Harnessing Segmentation Uncertainties for Enhanced Radiotherapy.
  • Patrik Wennberg, SEK 900 thousand to Improved cardiovascular risk communication by point-of-care ultrasound assessment with automated image analysis support for detection of atherosclerosis in primary care.
  • Anna Södergren, SEK 900 thousand to Rheumatoid arthritis – implications of inflammation and metabolism in pathogenesis and comorbidities
  • Florentin Späth, SEK 1.5 million to Leveraging Multi-Omic Approaches to Understand and Predict Progression from Precursor/Early-Stage Conditions to Full-Blown Haematological Malignancy.
  • Alicia Edin, SEK 1.2 million to Improving Diagnostics and Outcomes of Post-Covid Condition by Immunometabolic Profiling.
  • Jenny Moilin, SEK 900 thousand to The adoption and use of Time Together in a psychiatric inpatient context.
  • Charlotta Wadsten, SEK 900,000 for Risk stratification in preinvasive and invasive breast cancer - studies on prognostic and treatment predictive factors and risk-based follow-up after breast cancer.
  • Jenny Larsson, SEK 900,000 to Unsteady gait in the elderly can be a common and treatable neurological disease associated with increased mortality and damage to the "brain's washing machine" can be the cause.
  • Thorbjörn Holmlund, SEK 900,000 to Neuromuscular training effects on nutrition and swallowing function among patients with dysphagia after anterior cervical spine surgery. A randomized controlled trial with single-blinded evaluators.
  • Lisa Martinsson, SEK 900,000 to Development of methods for pain assessment for people with cancer.

About ALF

ALF, Agreement on Medical Education and Research, is an agreement between the government and regions in Sweden to promote cooperation in clinical research and medical education. ALF funds are used to finance clinical research with a clear patient benefit. How the funds are distributed is decided by Umeå University and the regions in the joint Alf committee.