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Published: 27 Oct, 2016

Announcement of funding from Gösta Skoglund International Fund

NEWS In connection with Gösta Skoglund's 80th birthday in 1983 a fund was created aimed to Umeå University to give scholarships to create the conditions for an international exchange of researchers. Scholarship applications must have an explicit connection to the regional scientific research field. One can apply for funding for conference participation, inviting foreign researchers or to conduct conferences. An essay scholarship of 10000kr is awarded to the best bachelor, master or master's thesis in the regional scientific research field.

The Foundation calls for applications in:

Grants for conference participation for graduate students and researchers at Umeå University.Essay prize for the best bachelor’s or master's thesis at Umeå University.
Grants for arrangement of a conference at Umeå University and for invitation of foreign researchers to Umeå University.

Applications for grants from the Foundation and proposals for the essay prize holders must be sent the Foundation Committee no later than wednesday 17 February 2017. The application shall use a separate application form from

Editor: Henrik Norin