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Published: 2012-06-04

Big summer opening at Bildmuseet

NEWS Bildmuseet is opening four new temporary exhibitions throughout the new museum building and invites you to the big summer opening on June 20. For Press, contact Bildmuseet for further information and images.

Mario Merz / What Is to Be Done?

20 JUNE – 30 SEPTEMBER, 2012As one of the inaugural exhibitions at the new Bildmuseet we are presenting a large retrospective of the work of Mario Merz. This is the first comprehensive presentation by the Italian artist in Sweden for over 30 years.Mario Merz (1925-2003) was a key figure of the Arte Povera, during the 1960’s and 1970's questioning of modernist artistic conventions. His practice was devoted to the observation and commenting of his surrounding community, and the exhibition title refers to an overarching issue in his work: What is the artist's role in a momentous time with an uncertain future? This is a question that is as relevant today as it was then. Merz’ works are an important inspiration to contemporary artists and have been exhibited around the world.
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Kirunatopia / In the Shadow of the Future

20 JUNE – 28 OCTOBER, 2012The city of Kiruna lies atop one of the world's largest iron ore deposits. It was founded as a modern project at a time when the north of the country, with its natural resources, was called the “Future Land”. Today, deep cracks in the soil, caused by intense mining, are forcing the city to face a historic transformation: the town center will have to be moved.From 2010 to 2011, different residencies took place with artists Lara Almarcegui, Agneta Andersson, Geir Tore Holm, Dave Hull Fish Bailey, Lina Issa, Ingela Johansson, Søssa Jørgensen, Britta Marakatt-Labba, Boris Sieverts, Ingo Vetter and Florian Zeyfang stayed in Kiruna with a project initiated by the Goethe-Institut Schweden. The results of these investigations are shown for the first time in this exhibition, which also includes a contribution by artist and filmmaker Liselotte Wajstedt.
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Disobedience Archive (The Parliament)

20 JUNE – 2 SEPTEMBER, 2012
Disobedience Archive (The Parliament) is an exhibition project dedicated to the relationship between artistic and activist practices, a user’s guide to the geography of civil and social disobedience. Disobedience Archive is curated by Marco Scotini and displayed in The Parliament by Céline Condorelli.
Disobedience Archive accommodates a variety of film material by artists, activists, filmmakers, philosophers and political groups, and is organised in eight chapters including: the 1977 demonstrations and riots in Italy, social changes around the Berlin Wall, the 2001 upheavals in Argentina, anti-globalization movement’ from 1994, experimental forms of education, community and urbanism, the Israel-Palestinian conflict, the former Eastern Bloc, the effects of 09/11 and a new section dealing with events surrounding what has come to be called the Arab spring.
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Björn Berg / Not a Day Without a Line

20 JUNE – 2 SEPTEMBER, 2012
Björn Berg (1923-2008) is the artist behind some of our most famous and beloved children's book illustrations, such as Emil of Lönneberga and Mrs. Pepperpot. He also illustrated verse and history books by Alf Henrikson and was active for many years as a feature artist on Dagens Nyheter. The exhibition focuses on his fairytale world awash with goblins, princesses, cats, dogs, mice, little people, other shapes and squiggles -all seen from playful child's perspective.

Editor: Helena Vejbrink