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Published: 2023-05-12 Updated: 2023-06-14, 14:06

DASH – doctoral school in Digital Humanities – is open for application

NEWS DASH targets PhD candidates in the humanities and social sciences who do not yet possess specific computational or technical knowledge or skills, but who are interested in learning more with the purpose of applying this to their future thesis work. Application deadline is 21 June 2023.

Text: Sandra Lundström

DASH will provide doctoral candidates with relevant knowledge and skills situated at the intersection of ICT and arts and humanities as well as address critical perspectives in their application.

The aim is to introduce participants to computational methods from a critical humanities and social sciences perspective and to increase collaboration nationally and internationally. DASH will significantly strengthen future researchers in the field by connecting PhD candidates across Sweden via advanced workshops at each partner institution, a summer school in digital methods for humanities and social sciences. It will additionally offer access to selected existing resources (courses, seminars, workshops) within partner universities Uppsala, Umeå, Linnaeus and Gothenburg. 

Application is open and the deadline is 10 June 2023. Instructions on how to apply on Uppsala University's website:

DASH (Uppsala University)