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Published: 2017-09-06


NEWS On May 30th, we hosted the first DIGSUM-day, a one-day conference aiming to promote networking and the exchange of knowledge among DIGSUM's research groups. We plan this to be an annually recurring event, and we encourage you to mark off May 17th 2018 in your calendars!

The day included presentations from research groups in ICT and learning, feminist technoscience, digital innovation, interaction and design, digital law, digital sociology and social work, as well as digital didactic design.

Among other things, plans were made to establish an interdisciplinary journal for digital social research.

DIGSUM is a transdisciplinary academic research centre at Umeå University, for the study of the impact of digital technology and the Internet on society from a combination of disciplinary perspectives. In 2017/2018, we continue our programme of events, conferences and seminars, which provide a forum for our researchers and guests to share and discuss recent work, methodological innovation, and other aspects of the digital age