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Published: 2020-06-04

A viral History of the World

NEWS Pandemics have in many and unpredictable ways changed the course of the history. A statement that is also the theme of an international online conversation, where two of the participants are Janet McCalman, professor of history at Melbourne University, Australia, honorary doctor of the Faculty of Art's and Humanities 2015 and Per Axelsson, associate professor of history, Umeå University.

Text: Per Melander

An international panel of historians collaborates with Per Capita's Emma Dawson to look back on pandemics. From Black Death to Spanish flu to AIDS, to see if lessons can be learned that can help and guide us through the current crisis.


Janet McCalman, Melbourne Universitys, Per Axelsson Umeå University and Linda Bryder, Auckland University.

The online conversation was published on Thursday, June 4, on the site australianathome.com.au