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Published: 2021-11-17

EU new policy for Arctic research

NEWS The European Commission has put forward a strategy for a stronger EU commitment to a peaceful, sustainable and prosperous Arctic. Next week, EU-PolarNet invites you to a seminar to discuss how this will affect future research.

Text: Anngelica Kristoferqvist

On October 6, 2021, the European Parliament voted by a large majority to adopt a joint communication on the Arctic. The focus is on the EU's responsibility to address the consequences of climate change such as melting ice and permafrost. At the same time, the EU needs the Arctic's natural resources for a green transition, which leads to exploitation requirements (e.g. local communities and indigenous peoples being involved in decision-making processes), and the risk of confrontation (which includes concerns about Russia and China). It therefore stresses its commitment to the long-term sustainable and peaceful development of the Arctic.

Promoting science, research and innovation for the benefit of the Arctic

Science, research, innovation and technology are said to be at the heart of EU action in the Arctic. Between 2014-2020, the EU supported Arctic research with €200 million, and under the Horizon project Eu-PolarNet 2 (2020-2023), research will be further strengthened through green energy, sustainable extractive industries, e-learning, e-health, sustainable tourism, green technology, fisheries and agriculture, and more.

A digital investment and information portal for sustainable development in the Arctic. will be created to clarify funding opportunities. Funding to establish 5G and high-performance computer centers in the Arctic will also be provided. 

In addition, it is declared that the EU will enhance knowledge of health threats linked to Arctic climate change, advance research on the societal and demographic impact of changes in the Arctic, involve women and young and Indigenous people more in relevant decision-making processes.

The new EU Arctic policy and research and innovation

Next Wednesday, 24 November, at 10:00, EU-PolarNet will hold an online webinar to discuss the new strategy and its implications for future research with EU representatives.

The aim is to present the new Arctic policy to the research community and discuss the role of research and innovation in the new strategy and how R&D projects can contribute to the policy's objectives. Read more and register.