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Published: 2020-02-27

Canvas coaches at the faculties during 2020

NEWS Introducing the Canvas coaches at the faculties.

There are five Canvas coaches for the four faculties.

For the Faculty of Arts and Humanities; Satish Patel (second on the right) and Jon Svensson (missing in the picture).
For the Faculty of Medicine; Göran Lönnberg (second on the left).
For the Faculty of Social Science; Alejandro Vega (first on the right).
For the Faculty of Science and Technology; Peter Vinnervik (first on the left).

The Canvas coaches are an important way of communication and inform the departments at each faculty. The coaches are a contact at their respective faculty, the are trained thoroughly in Canvas and are in close contact with the project leaders. The coaches also collects comments from the faculties helping the implementation of Canvas run as smoothly as possible.