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Published: 2023-11-23

Healthy millions from the Swedish Research Council for research at Umeå University

NEWS Umeå University is well ahead in this autumn's allocation in the medical field from Vetenskapsrådet, the Swedish Research Council. In total, medical research in Umeå will receive an additional SEK 65 million.

Text: Ola Nilsson

In the Medicine and Health category, research at Umeå University receives grants totalling SEK 52,111,000 spread over up to five years. This puts Umeå in fifth place in the country.

The largest grant goes to FelipeCava's group Cava l, which will receive a total of SEK 9 million over five years for the project Bacterial cell wall homeostasis and plasticity: from fundamentals to antimicrobial targeting.

"This generous funding is fundamental to accomplish of our long-term mission of transforming cell wall chemical genomics and identifying key targets for the development of innovative, highly precise antimicrobial therapies," says Felipe Cava.

  • Niklas Arnberg receives a total of SEK 4.8 million for the project Viral gastroenteritis: Models, molecules, and mechanisms.
  • Ronnie Berntsson, Explore the molecular details of conjugation via Type 4 Secretion Systems in Gram-positive bacteria, 2.4 million.
  • Lars-Anders Carlsson, Molecular mechanisms in the genome replication of alphaviruses and flaviviruses, 4.8 million.
  • Magnus Domellöf, Effects of early nutrition on brain development and cognitive/behavioral problems in children, SEK 4.8 million.
  • Jörgen Johansson, Druggable RNA as targets for antimicrobial compounds, 2.5 million.
  • Jussi Jokinen, Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder and Pedophilic Disorder-neurobiological correlates and novel treatments, 2.4 million.
  • Maréne Landström, Exploring potential unique drug targets to diagnose, prevent, and treat metastatic cancer in precision medicine, SEK 4.8 million.
  • Olivia Wesula Lwande, VOICE - Vector of O'nyong-nyong virus, Infection, Competence and Ecology, 3.6 million.
  • Ignacio Mir-Sanchis, Transfer of toxins in Staphylococcus aureus, 2.4 million.
  • Anders Olofsson, Identification of the mechanism underlying TTR amyloidosis, SEK 3.511 million.
  • Richard Palmqvist, The Gut Microbiota in Colorectal Cancer - from mechanistic insights to clinical applications, SEK 2.4 million.
  • Sjoerd Wanrooij, Investigating the Role of Replication Restart in Preventing Pathogenic Mitochondrial DNA Deletions, 2.4 million.

Lena Gunhaga receives SEK 2.4 million for the project Define how light affects development and function of the brain and sensory systems. The fact that it was paid off this time can be seen as a bit of perseverance winning. Lena's project has been without funding from VR for two years, once as the first reserve. But now, in the end, there was a substantial grant.

"It's really nice," says Lena Gunhaga. The grant supports our studies to map if and if so what light is required for the normal development of the brain and sensory systems, and if the mapped disease risk that depends on the season you are born can be explained by insufficient light stimulation during fetal development.

In the category of Research Expertise in Primary Care, Umeå University receives a total of SEK 12,685,000, which places Umeå in fourth place.

  • Olov Rolandsson, Improving prediction and detection of diabetic peripheral neuropathy in primary care – a base for personalized care., SEK 6.685 million.
  • Malin Sjöström, Evaluation of artificial intelligence for online assessment of health problems: Recommended level of care, patient outcomes, cost-effectiveness, and user experience, SEK 3 million
  • Patrik Wennberg, Improved cardiovascular risk communication by point-of-care ultrasound assessment with automated image analysis support for detection of atherosclerosis in primary care, SEK 3 million