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Published: 2024-05-17

Honorary doctor with an ethical perspective on healthcare

NEWS The 2024 Honorary Doctor of Medicine at Umeå University is Anders Lindseth, Professor Emeritus of Practical Philosophy. For many years, he has applied an ethical and philosophical perspective to nursing research and practice.

Anders Lindseth, born in 1946, is a Norwegian professor emeritus of practical philosophy at the Centre for Practical Knowledge, Nord University, where he was a professor from 2001 to 2013. His main areas of interest are ethics, especially relational and health care ethics, practice theory, philosophy of science, especially human sciences, hermeneutics and phenomenology, practical knowledge and methodology. His more than 110 publications have touched on care, existential philosophy, hermeneutics, philosophical practice, philosophy, and science/method.

Lindseth has for many years collaborated with the Department of Nursing, Umeå University, through the contacts he had with the former head of department, Professor Emerita Astrid Norberg, who in 1984 became Sweden's first professor of nursing.

Together, they have contributed strongly to the department's knowledge base, by applying an ethical and philosophical perspective to nursing research and practice at Umeå University. Together with Professor Norberg, it was also possible to develop a research method that is still used in several countries, especially in nursing research.

Highlighting the phenomenon of "the meaning of life", such as being sick, has long been a strong focus in nursing science in Umeå, which Anders Lindseth has supported. In Umeå, Anders Lindseth has held, and still holds, seminars (for example, in June 2024).

"It was with great pleasure that I received the news that I had been appointed honorary doctor of medicine. The collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine at Umeå University, especially with Astrid Norberg but also with her colleagues and doctoral students, has meant a lot to my professional development," says Anders Lindseth.

"I remember with gratitude the rewarding years, when I repeatedly had the pleasure of visiting Umeå to teach doctoral students about research methods and ethics. During this time, it became possible for me to formulate a relational ethical perspective, not only on nursing, but on all types of professional support activities.”