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Published: 01 Mar, 2018

Hot fight in cold weather - KBC Stafetten 2018

NEWS 13 teams defied the cold and started yesterday at minus 20°C, cheered by more than 50 supporters.

Laxmi Mishra for the first time on skies
Laxmi Mishra for the first time on skies

The team spirit was on top in all thirteen teams when they defied the cold and fought for the three prizes at the KBC Stafetten 2018. Low temperature and a perfect track made it the fastest race in the long history of the cross country relay at KBC.

The team Snökanonerna managed again to win despite Ludvig Edmann's obvious problems with the curves on the third track. The other members in the winning team - Thomas Wågberg, Martin Rosvall and Madelene Holmgren - lived up to the expectations and won the relay before the team Medchem eller MotKem who finished only 1:24 mins behind.

Winner of Bergspriset: Per Gardeström
The winner of Bergspriset 2018: Per Gardeström

VOINFRASKITEAM was only 3:07 mins later than the winners and came on the third place.

A very impressive performance showed the Roomies who won the prize in the "Slagskeppet" class, i.e. four persons on one pair of skis. Per Gardeström, former scientific coordinator of KBC and participant at KBC stafetten for many years, won for the first time the Bergspriset.

The overall best race in her life has done Laxmi Mishra. She was standing on skis for the first time ever and safely run the last lap for her "The Green Dream Team - Photosynthesis rules".

Snökanonerna - Winners of KBC Stafetten 2018
The winners of the KBC Stafetten 2018 - Snökanonerna (from the left: Ludvig Edman, Thomas Wågberg, Martin Rosvall, Madelene Holmgren)

Editor: Eva-Maria Diehl