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Published: 2011-11-17

Indigenous Studies at Tromsø University

NEWS Master's in Indigenous Studies (MIS) is multidisciplinary, and gives you a high-quality education with good career opportunities. Our students come from all parts of the world, and they create an exciting and dynamic study environment.

The Master's Programme is an international graduate programme in comparative indigenous studies. It is based upon the accumulated research and knowledge at the University of Tromsø regarding the Sami and other indigenous peoples within the social sciences, humanities and law. The tematic focus of the Master's Programme is the emergence of the international indigenous movement, the historical experiences and contemporary context that indigenous people experience across the globe.

Application deadline:Quota students: 1 December Self financed international students: 1 December
Norwegian and Nordic students: 15 April

For more information please consult our webpage: http://www.uit.no/sesam/mis