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Published: 2019-05-14

Arcum contributes to anthology about forest Sami pioneer Karin Stenberg

NEWS On the eight of May an open meeting was held in Arvidsjaur/Árviesjávrrie about an upcoming reworked re-release anthology of Karin Stenberg's and Valdemar Lindholm's text Dat läh mijen situd - It is our will. A plea to the Swedish Nation from the Sami people.

Organizers of the event were the Forest Sami Research platform and the editorial committee consists of historian Bertil Marklund and Arcum affiliated researchers Lena Maria Nilsson, Krister Stoor and Åsa Össbo.

Karin Stenberg was a forest sami political leader who's deeds still to this day holds meaning for the Sami people. She fought for equal treatment between Sami and Swedes, forest Sami and mountain Sami, the preservation of the so called lappstaden (Lapp city) in Arvidsjaur and was one of the names behind the Sami organization Same Ätnam. 

The meeting was organized through a cooperation between Vaartoe and Arvidsjaur municipality with support from Arcum and the Åke Wikberg foundation.

You can hear more about the anthology in Swedish in the P4 Norrbotten radio article here.

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