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Published: 2023-02-06

New book analyses how kinship is portrayed in N.K Jemisins speculative fiction

NEWS Climate change, anti-democratic movements and mass extinction require humans to reshape the relationships and kinships that make up our societies. Berit Åström, associate professor and docent of English literature, is one of the editors of an anthology that sheds new light on the fiction of the writer N.K Jemisin.

Text: Sandra Lundström

– The anthology analyses how kinship and family are portrayed in her books in terms of close relationships between, for example, parents and children, but also relationships between people and non-human characters, says Berit Åström.

Eleven authors have contributed to the anthology. Together with Jenny Bonnevier from Örebro University, Berit Åström is editor.

– Through the relationships depicted in N.K Jemisin's books, she questions what it means to be human and what a kinship is. Her books also tell a story about our present time when it comes to, for example, domestic violence, state violence and how some citizens are only an economic resource.

Kinship in the Fiction of N. K. Jemisin: Relations of Power and Resistance is published in February by Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.