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Published: 2010-12-22

One of the most important artists from the Middle East to Bildmuseet in the spring

NEWS Miraculous Beginnings, which opens at Bildmuseet on 19 February, is the first solo exhibition in Sweden for the Lebanese contemporary artist Walid Raad. Bildmuseet is Umeå University's museum of contemporary art and visual culture.

The exhibition is a comprehensive presentation of past and current works, such as The Atlas Group and Scratching on Things I Could Disavow: A History of Art in the Arab World.

Walid Raad’s artwork deals with questions regarding the photograph as witness to the truth, science’s attempt to capture reality and the impossibility of objectively describing war.

Photo: Walid Raad, Let’s be honest, the weather helped (plate 001_Saudi Arabia), 1998/2006-7. Courtesy Anthony Reynolds Gallery, London. © The artist

Walid Raad – Miraculous Beginnings is produced by Whitechapel Gallery in London, United Kingdom, in collaboration with Bildmuseet. It has its premier in London this autumn and will open at Bildmuseet on Saturday 19 February, in which Walid Raad will give a personal viewing of the exhibition.

Curator: Achim Borchardt-Hume.

Current exhibitions at Bildmuseet

About Walid Raad:
Walid Raad was born in 1967 in Chbanieh, Lebanon, a village where his father grew up and lives, then as a child lived in East Beirut. He left Lebanon in 1983 aged 16 on a boat for Cyprus, then left Cyprus for the US, where he stayed with his brother and attended high school and college. Raad moved to Rochester (New York) in 1985 and attended the Rochester Institute of Technology where he majored in Photography and Middle East Studies. In 1989, Raad enrolled in the University of Rochester's new Visual and Cultural Studies PhD programme. He currently resides in the United States.

Editor: Helena Vejbrink