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Published: 16 Sep, 2015

Preparations for the university's Anniversary Party will affect Infocenter on September 17

NEWS From 14:00 on September 17, the Universum Building is booked for the university's Anniversary Party. Infocenter will be affected by the preparations, but will be open for visitors until 16.30. The organizers apologize on beforehand if it gets a bit messy for visitors in Infocenter during the afternoon.

Thursday, September 17 is Umeå University's 50th anniversary, and in the evening the Anniversary Party for employees will be organized. From 14:00, the entire Universum Building is booked for the party.

Infocenter will be open as usual until 16:30, but by 14:00 the preparations for the party will affect Infocenter. Infocenter will operate as wardrobe during the evening, and therefore it may be perceived as a bit messy during the afternoon. If so, we ask all visitors indulgence.

Editor: Annica Höglund