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Published: 2012-10-30

SIRP presented at international conference

NEWS Sustainable Investment Research Platform (SIRP) will be presented by its director, professor Lars Hassel, at the Triple Bottom Line Investment (TBLI) conference in Switzerland November 8-9th.

Lars Hassel, Umeå School of Business and Economics and RiseB, will give a lecture titled “The Value Added of the Sustainable Investment Platform – Mistra”.

The key objective of the MISTRA research program has been “to find out how the use of sustainable investment practices can create an added value to investors, and identify barriers for such practice”. The research that has been carried out in the past five years has deconstructed, analyzed, and re-assessed the sustainable investment value chain. The result from the research is a series of guidelines, practical implications, and suggestions aimed at improving the value chain. This session will summarize the ways sustainable investment practices have been found to add value to investors and other actors in the value chain.

The conference is held in Zürich, Switzerland.

Read more about the conference here.

This news was published att www.org.umu.se/riseb.

Editor: Anja Hansen