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Published: 2011-05-12

Student Union 2011 election results

NEWS The Social Democratic Student Party received the largest number of votes in the Umeå Union of Students 2011 election. The Moderate Party Students came in second place. The voter participation of 14% jumped from 10,9% in 2010.

The first student union election has now taken place after mandatory student union registration on 1 July 2010. The 2011 election had 102 candidates in eight political parties.

The proportion number of seats - with the change in parenthesis - by party are as follows:

The Social Democratic Student Party (Studentpartiet Socialdemokraterna): 7(+1)Moderate Students (Moderata studenter): 7(0)The Student Union of the Left (Vänsterns studentförbund): 6(-2)Green Students (Gröna studenter): 3(+3)The Pedagogues Student Party (Studentpartiet Pedagogerna): 3(-1)The Liberal Students (Liberala studenter): 2(0)The Centre Students (Centrerstudenter): 2(-1)
The Labour Party (Arbetarpartiet): 1(0)

Total seats: 31

Editor: Annica Höglund