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Published: 19 Oct, 2012

Umeå Institute of Design number one in prestigious ranking

NEWS Red dot institute has chosen Umeå Institute of Design as the best design education in Europe and the Americas. The prestigious ranking promotes design institutions in the frontline and is based on design awards won during the last five years.

– 2011 was the first time we appeared on the Red dot list and then we were ranked second. We were very happy then, but that is nothing compared to how happy we are now when we are ranked as the best design education, says professor Anna Valtonen, Rector of Umeå Institute of Design, UID, at Umeå University.– We are also very humbled by the fact that we have managed to surpass some of the worlds most prestigious design schools, like Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Los Angeles that came on third place or The Royal College of Art in London, that came on fifth, continues Anna Valtonen.Red dot is one of the oldest and most prestigious design prize organisations in the world. Every year it awards innovative design in various fields. Students from Umeå Institute of Design have won Red dot awards in the Design concept category ten times.2012: •Dawid Dawod (Sweden) Project: Boltec .04, (New Boliden/ Atlas Copco)•Kim Risager (Denmark), Project: Hyperion, (New Boliden/ Atlas Copco)•Carlos Arturo Torres (Columbia), Project: BOOMER RC-M, (New Boliden/ Atlas Copco)•Natalie Vanns (Great Britain), Maxime Dubreucq (France), Shivanjali Tomar (India), Doris Feurstein (Austria), Project: 100 BPM concept , (internal UID project)2011:
•Cenk Aytekin (Turkey), Project HOC, (Umeå municipality/ Umeå fire department)

2010: •John Lee (New Zealand), Project: Halcyon, (Umeå municipality/ Umeå fire department)
•Anna-Karin Bergkvist (Sweden), Project: An eco-friendly tree-planting robot, (Husqvarna)

2009: •Francisco Lindoro (Mexico), Project: Childbirth assistance outside hospitals, Project: Bone Repair Therapy, (internal UID project)•Patrik Pettersson (Sweden), Project: Barista, (Electrolux)– Tre ranking is based on award during the last five years, with emphasis on the most recent achievements. In that way Red dot is a good prize, it is topical and rewards real effort.
Umeå Institute of Design has recieved a lot of prizes and marks of distinction. For example Business Week has ranked UID as one of the best design educations globally several times. The design institution IDEA has placed UID third in the world and its german counterpart placed UID forth in the world.

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For more information, please contact:Anna Valtonen, Professor och Rector, Umeå Institute of DesignPhone: +46 90 7865353, +46 70 845 53 53Email: anna.valtonen@dh.umu.seTapio Alakörkkö, Head of department, Umeå Institute of DesignPhone: +46 90 7869835, +46 73 6205151Email: tapio.alakorkko@dh.umu.seThomas Degn, Programme Director, Advanced product design, Umeå Institute of DesignPhone: +46 90 7867741

The faculty of science and technology at Umeå university has 5 000 students, 300 PhD students and strong research. The faculties institutions has education and research in chemistry, physics, biology, computer science, mathematics, engineering, architecture, design and teacher education.

Editor: Anna-Lena Lindskog