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Published: 2024-06-12 Updated: 2024-06-13, 10:17

Umeå University climbs in sustainability ranking

NEWS Umeå University has taken a step up in the Times Higher Education Impact Ranking. This is a university ranking based on the 17 sustainable development goals. This year, the University ended up in place 201–300 of the approximately 2,000 universities participating in the ranking. This is a clear improvement compared to last year's ranking of 301–400.

"It's both important and good that Umeå University for the second year in a row climbs up the sustainability ranking. Although rankings can be blunt instruments in some respects, the results show that our determined efforts to strengthen the University's climate and sustainability work are yielding results," says Hans Wiklund, University Director at Umeå University.

The goal where the University's activities are ranked highest, compared to the other universities in the ranking, is SDG12, Responsible consumption and production, and SDG11, Sustainable cities and communities. For these goals, Umeå University is ranked 54th and 98th respectively among the ranked universities.

Waste sorting makes a difference

"For example, the introduction of waste sorting throughout the University has formed the basis for the improvement in SDG12. I think it's positive and encouraging that such tangible efforts, to which all employees and students contribute, are also visible in this type of survey," says Lisa Redin, Environmental Coordinator at the  Property Management Office at Umeå University.

When it comes to SDG3, Good health and well-being, Umeå University is in the same position as last year, as is SDG5, Gender equality, while the University has made a positive move for SDG13, Climate action.

"For SDG13, the positive movement is partly due to the fact that the University has endorsed the Umeå climate roadmap and its tangible climate targets for 2040," explains Lisa Redin.

On the negative side of the University's sustainability work in 2023, there were, for example, shortcomings in the University's work with water, sorting of food waste and special support and assistance to students from developing countries. There are also shortcomings in the follow-up of employees with disabilities.

"I'm of course pleased with the positive developments. But as a university, we can and need to do more. My ambition now is to implement the activities in the new climate and sustainability plan for 2024–2026, and for Umeå University to take another step up in the Times Higher Education Impact Ranking," says Hans Wiklund.

In total, three Swedish universities participated in the Times Higher Education Impact Ranking this year. The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) ended up in 72nd place, Umeå University in place 201–300 and Linnaeus University in place 301–400.

See all the ranking data on the Times Higher Education Impact Ranking website.