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Published: 2023-05-22 Updated: 2023-05-26, 11:36

Will you continue to study this autumn? Digital changes that will affect you

NEWS From the autumn semester 2023, all registration for courses and signing up for exams takes place in Ladok for students instead of on the student web.

Text: Annica Höglund

If you have logged into the student web on umu.se, you have been able to find several services regarding your current studies at Umeå University. When the autumn semester starts, things will work slightly differently, though. Some functionalities will remain on the student web. For other services, you will need to go to the national Ladok for students portal.

How to sign up for an exam during the summer

Until 19 June you can sign up for an examination in the same way as before. Starting on 19 June, you must go to Ladok for students to sign up for an exam.

Services you need to go to Ladok for

Ladok for students is already used when applying for a degree. From the autumn semester 2023, you will also need to go to Ladok for students to do the following:

  • register for a course you have been admitted to;
  • sign up for an examination; or
  • produce a transcript or course certificate.

On a few occasions, the student web has shown the wrong information for these services. It is important that you can trust course information that the University provides, which is one of the reasons why the services are moving.

You can access Ladok for students through your Umeå University account using your Umu-id (press “Access through your organisation”).

The following services will remain on the student web (if you have logged in):

  • See courses you have been admitted to or are registered for;
  • Links to course syllabi, literature lists, welcome letters and Canvas for each course;
  • Schedules for your courses;
  • Change email address or phone number;
  • Student discounts.

The information on the affected web pages will be updated before the start of the autumn semester.